Welcome to the internet section of the British Araucana Club. This web site represents what the club is about, provides in-depth information about the breed and will keep you up to date with any interesting developments in the poultry world.
We are proud of the heritage of our chickens, which are known to originate from the old Arauca region between Northern Chile and Southern Peru, in the ancestral home of the Incas (who now are more popularly known as Aruca Indians).
The blue eggs that distinguish the breed are very exclusive in the world of poultry. Other breeds that are seen to sometimes lay blue eggs, have their origins with the Araucana gene pool. The Araucana is the only pure breeding and original blue egg laying domestic chicken.
The British Araucana has been listed as a rare breed with DEFRA. Keeping a living flock of a specialist pure poultry breed helps to maintain a diverse national gene bank in the event that new characteristics are needed in the future. Registered club members' birds are automatically protected under this scheme. All modern production poultry used in farming today originate from carefully selected old heritage breeds.
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