The Breed Standard
The British Araucana Club, The Poultry Club of Great Britain, The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the British Poultry Council formally recognises only four "types" of purebred Araucana in the UK. Specifically; The Large Tailed, The Bantam Tailed, The Large Rumpless and The Bantam Rumpless.

The unique requirements for an Araucana Chicken to be generally accepted as part of the breed are particularly stringent. In this section of the club's web site, detailed descriptions identify the precise requirements that a bird "must have" and "must not have" to be able to be called an Araucana (as opposed to a hybridised "easter-egg" hen that lays various coloured eggs).

It also should be noted that the exacting British Araucana Standards do differ to those stipulated by the North American Araucana Community, who have selected the Large Rumpless type with some small, but never-the-less significant variations to the British Rumpless type. The Ameraucana (North America) is again another completely different breed, with a tail, but does share some characteristics of the British Tailed Araucana.

Due to mass movement of the British population in the twentieth centuary (and the "British Commonwealth"), the Araucana standards in many other countries are mostly based on the tailed type of bird with characteristics almost identical to those of the British Tailed Araucana. For instance, Australia and New Zealand have the same standards as the UK (or the UK the same as ANZ depending on your point of view).
S e l e c t   T y p e
Large Tailed
Bantam Tailed
Bantam Rumpless
Large Rumpless