It has previously been stated in the history of man that the almost universal appeal of gambling from culture to culture and throughout history can be due in large part to the fact that gambling is at the very core of existence. Coming out of the womb into this harsh, cold world is a gamble, and just much everything we do after that is fraught with danger.

The risk may become a more comfortable experience for those of us who gamble — whether online, on land, or both – and there may even be lessons learned that we can apply to make better judgments in our non-casino lives. With this in mind, let’s take a very unscientific look at some areas where specific gambling principles can be applied to business, love, or virtually any other situation you may encounter; you might be surprised at how much casino gambling can teach you when it comes to making measured decisions in your everyday life, once you think about it.

Know Who Your Players Are

Making the proper action at the appropriate time, much as in gambling, is the key to success. Of course, saying that is simple, but assessing it in real life is more difficult. Consider your situation as a poker table, with your boss, interviewer, and coworkers as fellow players.